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What would you like to see more of? 

287 deviants said More of my NextGen characters interacting with their parents/families
177 deviants said More of my NextGen characters interacting with each other (friendships/rivalries, etc)
137 deviants said More shipping (Pandoraverse characters or MLP canon characters)
91 deviants said More of the Pandoraverse NextNextGen (Oddball, Wave Rider, Snickerdoodle)



What would you like to see more of?
287 deviants said More of my NextGen characters interacting with their parents/families
177 deviants said More of my NextGen characters interacting with each other (friendships/rivalries, etc)
137 deviants said More shipping (Pandoraverse characters or MLP canon characters)
91 deviants said More of the Pandoraverse NextNextGen (Oddball, Wave Rider, Snickerdoodle)
Classy Magnolia by Lopoddity
Classy Magnolia
most living creatures are made up of roughly 70% water

Magnolia May is made up of roughly 70% sass

lots of requests to see more of dear Magnolia May
you all like her because she's pretty
but i assure you that she too, like most of my characters, is a little shit in her own special way
a double whammy of Momma Applejack's country sass and Mother Rarity's self-absorption
and also, she is better than you
not that she would ever say it though, wouldn't wanna bring a frown to your pretty lil face, darlin'
Pandoraverse Doodles 3 by Lopoddity
Pandoraverse Doodles 3
i told you all there were more doodles coming (and even more still, after this)
i like doing these, they're rough looking but they allow me to spit out concepts much more quickly than my usual process, so expect more

Here we have:
-After they got together, Pandora was very taken off guard by how much Cupcake likes her pony form, Hijiinx. No more noodly draconequus body, no sharp claws and pointy teeth. Pan is just a harmless, helpless wittle pony, teeny-tiny and soft and squishy. Dat flank belongs to Cupcake tonight

-Speaking of, have the followup. This is obviously not meant to be taken seriously...I mean, Cupcake would never smoke.
they did bang all night tho

-Stormy tries out Bruce's glasses. Bruce is a love struck dork

-Genderbent stuff, featuring the r63 versions of Stormy, Bruce, Wave Rider, and Marina...Rainy, Brody, Riptide, and Marlin, respectively. Riptide may look like a smooth smarmy bastard but really he's a giant dorko. Just look at him bravely trying to restrain that wingboner

-I mentioned before that I crackship the fuck out of Bruce and of course I also crackship their genderbent counterparts, Brody and Beefcake
Brody's name is also a Jaws reference, just like Bruce's, i r clever
Observe the female shark horse marking her territory (poor Beef)
and also being an unapologetic shirt thief (Brody that shirt don't even fit you ya skank)

- My ponysona, Bramble (or Lopoddity), gets a minor design update...huge ass grumpy eyebrows so she can accurately reflect my general attitude toward life (but mostly college)

-Pandora plants one on PB Sandwich. Although he does have a massive crush on her, she only sees him as a goofy unofficial little brother of sorts. She ain't above givin' him a cheek smooch when he's feeling down tho
he's gonna just sit there making squeaky bunny noises for a while
NG: Ember, Misty, and Jasper by Lopoddity
NG: Ember, Misty, and Jasper
Pandoraverse NextGen (a refresher to those of you new to the party)
Misty and Ember-Twin daughters of Rainbow Dash and Dumbbell
Jasper-daughter of Spike and Scootaloo

decided to share some rough doodles because i'm tired and sick and can't be bothered to do cleaned up art right now, so ballpoint pen doodles for all

Here we have:
1.) Ember and Jasper are super duper bestie bros. The closest bros to ever bro in all of history of bro-dom. Even though they're just little fillies, much of their interactions are loud yelling, hoof bumps, chest bumps, and dares (and distressingly frequently, explosions). Misty, Ember's level-headed, rule abiding twin, often tags along with the two of them to make sure they don't get into too much trouble, but generally her presence only increases the property damage. They form a trio of trouble the likes of which Ponyville hasn't seen since Pandora grew up

2.) Concept art for adult Ember and Misty, fiddling around with their cutie mark designs. Together Ember and Misty form a pegasi aeronautics duo, and perform spectacular feats usually featuring whirlwinds of flame and jets of water. Personality wise, Ember is like her element, fiery, brash, and reckless, while Misty is serene and careful, and also a total worrywart. They butt heads a lot (Ember is bullheaded and hates following orders, just like Rainbow Dash, but worse) but when the sisters can get their shit together, they can put on one hell of a flight show. Their show sometimes has Jasper as a guest stunt flyer, a dracony with a passion for lighting herself on fire while flying

3.) Adult Embie and Jazzy, BFFs for life, and also kinda casually friends with benefits
their relationship is strange, they're best friends, hit on each other a LOT, but also act as each other's wingmares picking up dates after a show. No one understands what's going on between them but they themselves

hopefully, more doodles coming soon~
Hey all, have a ton of Pandoraverse art/concept art built up in my, figured I'd share again in another journal entry. Warning: Will contain some Sharknado shipping, other shipping, and some mild suggestive content, so if that ain't your bag, get outta dodge. Ready? Leggo

Brucie it's cold outside by Lopoddity <---Stormy has a long-furred pony ancestor in his family tree somewhere(*coughcough*possiblythesamespeciesasFlufflepuff*cough*), so he's a rare pony that gets an extra fluffy coat in the winter. It's good for snuggles-er, not that Bruce would know, or anything. Ahem.

Magnolia May by Lopoddity <---An early concept for my Rarijack Nextgen, Magnolia May. See kids? This is why we keep drawing til we get something that feels right, don't feel obligated to stick with your first concept!

Chance Encounter by Lopoddity <---Bruce is afraid of Cupcake, so I wondered what would happen if he met her giant bulldozer of a male counterpart, Beefcake. Bruce might have just peed himself a little
no cutiemarks cuz i'm lazy

Stormy Mood by Lopoddity<---Bruce and Stormy had a daughter together by Bruce magically turning female. Well, what if it had been Stormy instead? I think our sweet, fluffy hippie would turn into an absolute cranky temperamental monster. Fuck off with your kisses, Bruce, go get Stormy ice cream now

Nothin' wrong with a little bump and grind <---Sharknado tomfoolery, mildly suggestive. Pearlie ships it, they are Pearlie's OTP

Adults by Lopoddity<---Concept art for Adult Snickerdoodle and Oddball, not quite final. Mostly an exploration of their head shapes/body types (Odd gets Cupcake's earth pony stockiness)

Mako by Lopoddity<---I may have mentioned an alternate storyverse where Bruce and Pandora eventually had a kid, Mako Storm. Welp, here he is. He is a great big bag of angst and anger and mommy issues, because Pandora abandoned him and Bruce when Mako was very young. He is intelligent, cold, cunning, and ruthless, and has power over storms. He brings terrible storms wherever he goes, because his power is rooted in his emotions, so he's not really welcome anywhere. Mako is classified as extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs

The Best Thing by Lopoddity<---Bruce/Cupcake, my super secret OTP! They are together in the same universe that Mako exists in (you should probably be taking notes XD). I call it the Makoverse! Pandora and Bruce marry when they learn she's pregnant with Mako, but they aren't really happy together, and Pan suffers postpartum depression after her son is born. She abandons her family when Mako is about four years old. So life is pretty shitty for Bruce at this point, his wife is gone, his son is miserable, and his best friend Stormy is dead in this storyverse, killed in a weather factory explosion. Luckily Cupcake starts spending time with Bruce and Mako, trying to clean up Pan's mess...and over time, she and Bruce fall in love. It happens as they both struggle to cope with the terrible emotional aftermath of Pandora's abandonment, and a friendship and vulnerability forms between them, and poor Bruce is finally happy, with the person he least expected.

Mako hates his stepmother Cupcake, but Mako hates everybody, so whatever



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, and thanks for visiting. I'm a total art hack with a fondness for drawing girly ponies and giant robots. I'm in a passionate love affair with all things animation, and love cartoons, great movies, puppies, lame puns, bad daytime television, and classic literature.

Current Residence: the dark side of the moon
Favorite style of art: cartoooons
Favourite cartoon character: Helga Pataki



-Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, sorry. When commissions are opened, I will make a huge journal announcement. My price guide is here:…

Do you do requests?
I definitely consider suggestions made about what you guys would like me to draw next, but regarding your OCs, fanfic covers...nope. Go commission somebody, ya vultures.

Do you take point commissions?
Nope, can't pay bills and buy pizza with points

Art trades?
Rarely. If I'd like to do a trade, I'll be the one to approach you. Please don't ask me.

What program(s) do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS4, and sometimes Paint Tool Sai.

Can I make a base of your artwork?
No. C'mon guys. If I can draw a pony, so can you.

Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?
Sweet buttery jesus yes. And show me when you're done! :) I love love love each and every bit of fan art/fiction I get.

What is Pandoraverse?
Pandoraverse is an alternate future story verse for MLP:Fim I created, in which Twilight and Discord have partnered up and had a child, titular Pandora. It's a world rife with unexpected shippings, strange new characters, and the marvelous magical misadventures of a young lady draconequus trying to find her place in the world, along with her loyal minion Cupcake. Has it's own tumblr here: chaostheoryandcookies.tumblr.c…

How old are you, Lopoddity?
Old enough to drive, drink, and be tried as an adult. All in the same night, even.

What do you study in college?
Art Education, B.S. Yep, I'm gonna be teaching your children someday reeeeal soon


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Okay. I think I'm being to judgmental on you and your characters so I like to take it back. I actually like Magnolia. She's a really beautiful character and I approved how you designed her. 

Keep up the good work in your art.
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I dunno dude. I've tried design after design, but nothing is clicking...she needs a redesign. I have to pull her away from looking so much like Diamond Tiara or Sweetie Bell :/
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Shit, that's gonna be hard given the original source (Hasbro toy). (Might consider going away from that and just going full oc? Maybe put in some blue hues instead?)
I gotta say so far this one is probably the most unlike the two (though that might also be cause of the face she's pulling).
Lopoddity Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I think I'm gonna drop a lot of elements from the Hasbro design. Maybe work in some blue and gold. I'll have to fiddle around more. But no worries, I'll do something with Skyla soon. I hate to neglect her like I have been :/
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and i will write you are the original artist and writer
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Does Pandora and Twilight have a good relationship as she gets older? :o (I should really be asking this on tumblr)
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You do requests or commissions?
WhisperstarEP Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer A little bit of what I think Snickerdoodle and Oddball's meeting would go like! I... couldn't help myself. Snickerdoodle is too fluffy cute. c:
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i drew a adult misty, i hope you like her! c:…
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Hello there! I'm a HUGE fan of your characters and art! Its amazing! I love your character's diversity and unique personalities. Not to mention the ships you used! Most people put Discord and Celestia together but Twicord is even better! That definitely inspired me to think outside the box for ships (I have Pinkie Pie and Discord for my characters XD). You're one of my three idols when it comes to the creation of pony art, and I would LOVE some advice. I just created an OC named Teatime; he's the adopted son of Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps. I was wondering if you have the time, if you could maybe give me some advice on how to improve??? Thank you in advance. You don't have to if you don't want; you probably have all sorts of people asking you stuff constantly ^^;
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i love your next gen mlp characters
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