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Out of all the characters in the Pandoraverse, which one is your favorite? 

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Livestreaming-OFFLINE by Lopoddity
Me and kilala97 will be doodling together on drawpile! Come watch us harass each other on her picarto. :D
Big Pony, Little Pony by Lopoddity
Big Pony, Little Pony
"Wake up, Pa!"

Big Mac came to slowly, like a bear waking from winter. His daughter's face was approximately half an inch from his snout, and she greeted him with a bright, snaggle-toothed smile.

"Hullo, Peachy."

"Don't just lie there!" Peachy was impatiently shoving at his side, trying to herd the huge stallion to his hooves. "Git up! We got apple-buckin' to do! On your hooves, lazybones!"

"Apple-buckin?" Mac yawned, rising to sit on his haunches. "...It's too early, Peach. Apples ain't ripe yet." He smiled down at her fondly. " 'Sides, you're too little to be much help."

"No I ain't!" Peachy whined, ears folding back. "Mama says I'm a whole inch taller than I was last year!" To demonstrate, she reared up onto her hind legs, but wobbled and fell over in a tangle of limbs. For a moment Mac watched her tiny hooves paddle in the air, as she struggled to right herself. With his hoof, he gently nudged her right side up.

"S-see?" Peachy pled, hay stuck in her mane. "I'm big and strong! I can help, Pa! Please?"

She'd turned the full might of her puppy-dog eyes on him, but Big Mac liked to think he was developing an immunity. At least when it involved his filly's safety. "Eenope." He said sternly. "You're too small, Peachy. You could get hurt."

Peachy pouted, and scuffed the ground with her hoof. "It ain't no fun bein' little."

"Ain't nothin' wrong with bein' little. You're plenty of help to yer Ma, and Aunty AJ."

"But I wanna help you, Daddy." Peachy sniffled. "I miss you when you're out in the orchards all day. And you have to do all of Aunty AJ's work, cuz she's gonna have a foal ain't fair. I wish I could help. I wish I was grown up."

Big Mac gazed down at his forlorn little filly, and found himself wanting to tell her to never grow up. To stay tiny and sweet and perfect forever. Instead he pulled her into a hug.

"Y'know, I used to be pretty little myself."

"Nuh-uh." Peachy shot him a flat look.

"Uh-huh." Mac teased. "The tiniest colt in my class. Even littler than you." He booped her muzzle with his hoof, and felt a victory at her giggle. "And shy. Sooner run away than look at ya."

"Mama says you're still shy, Pa."

"Eh." Mac shrugged. "Point is, everypony is little once, and just once. Don't rush growin' up. Ain't as much fun bein' big. Little ponies get to play outside, and bake with Granny, and read stories with Ma-"

"And catch fireflies!" Peachy interrupted, brimming with enthusiasm. "Little ponies get to go explorin', and read comic books, and and eat zap apple candy, and-"

Mac listened to his daughter rattle off examples, bouncing on her hooves with newfound joy. "And draw with crayons, and listen to radio with Granny, and-" Her voice was suddenly interrupted by a thunderous growl from her stomach. She glanced back at him, cheeks crimson.

"And go eat lunch back in the house." He finished.

"....and get carried home by Pa?" She asked, peeking at him shyly.

Mac regarded his daughter with a warm smile. He stood to his hooves, then knelt so she could clamber up onto his back.



can't sleep, draw ponies
dads and daughters will never not be a favorite subject of mine
also, lookit wee Peachy Keen
she is the daughter of Big Mac and his wife Cheerilee, to all ya'll new to the party
Commissions are closed, slots are all filled up! Thanks so much, everybody! If you didn't get a slot, I'm sorry, and there's always next time! Thanks again! :)

MLP Commissions are officially open! Trying to raise and squirrel away some money, so let's get these commissions going! I'm opening four slots, first come, first serve. Let's do this! This journal will update when my slots are filled, but if you miss this round of commissions, I'm hoping to open another round soon enough.

Ordering Steps:
1.) Send me a note detailing exactly what you want me to draw. Eg. "I would like you to draw my character X doing Y." Please provide visual reference of the character(s), their accessories, etc. If you'd like me to draw in a particular style you've seen me use before, please link me to which of my drawings you have in mind.
2.) I will send you a price quote. Should you agree to it, please send me a note with your paypal email, so that I can send you a paypal invoice specifying everything you wanted in the commission. Once you pay the invoice, we're good to go, and I can begin work on your commission!

My slots fill up fast, so once again, first come, first serve! Apologies if you miss this round!

Commission Guide
Magical mishap by Lopoddity Mister Discord by Lopoddity Applejack's parents headcanon: Howdy. by LopoddityBig Brother Spike by LopoddityCommission: His teeth go gnarr gnarr by LopoddityCommission: Let's go collect some gears! by LopoddityGleaming Shield by LopoddityGood morning, Twilight~ by Lopoddity  Tree of Harmony, Reborn by LopoddityComm: Horsin' around by Lopoddity

A single character is around 20$-35$ depending on the complexity of the character ( Note that I am not limited to ponies, I can draw griffins, manticores, dragons, you name it)
Add shading-$10+ (Example of unshaded characters: Twispike by Lopoddity)
Add props-$4+ each
Add background-$10+

Original Character Design- 20$+ These are fun. You describe your OC to me, and I design it for you. :D (Big Grin)

-I draw a line between doing sultry art-say, Rainbow Dash in a maid outfit, and porn. I will not draw porn. PG-13 "sexy" stuff is okay though.
-Gore is okay.
-I do not do point commissions. Sorry. :( (Sad)
-Commissions must be paid in full upfront.
-My prices are not negotiable.
-There will be no waiting list or reserving slots.
-If you cannot pay, please don't contact me. I don't do requests. Bills to pay yo
-Only ONE commission per client, please.
-I'm only doing ponies for now. No gemsonas, humans, anthros, Equestria Girls characters, etc

Commissions are PAYPAL ONLY, so send me a note if you're interested.:) (Smile) C'mon, guys, help me fill those slots!

1.) :iconleahlinn: Completed
2.) :iconsaurkin:
3.) :iconnotsogrumpjinx:
4.) :iconzee-stitch:



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, and thanks for visiting. I'm a total art hack with a fondness for drawing girly ponies and giant robots. I'm in a passionate love affair with all things animation, and love cartoons, great movies, puppies, lame puns, bad daytime television, and classic literature.

Current Residence: the dark side of the moon
Favorite style of art: cartoooons
Favourite cartoon character: Helga Pataki



-Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, sorry. When commissions are opened, I will make a huge journal announcement. My price guide is here:…

Do you do requests?
I definitely consider suggestions made about what you guys would like me to draw next, but regarding your OCs, fanfic covers...nope. Go commission somebody, ya vultures.

Do you take point commissions?
Nope, can't pay bills and buy pizza with points

Art trades?
Rarely. If I'd like to do a trade, I'll be the one to approach you. Please don't ask me.

What program(s) do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Paint Tool Sai.

Can I make a base of your artwork?
No. C'mon guys. If I can draw a pony, so can you.

Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?
Sweet buttery jesus yes. And show me when you're done! :) I love love love each and every bit of fan art/fiction I get.

What is Pandoraverse?
Pandoraverse is an alternate future story verse for MLP:Fim I created, in which Twilight and Discord have partnered up and had a child, titular Pandora. It's a world rife with unexpected shippings, strange new characters, and the marvelous magical misadventures of a young lady draconequus trying to find her place in the world, along with her loyal minion Cupcake. Has it's own tumblr here: chaostheoryandcookies.tumblr.c…

How old are you, Lopoddity?
Old enough to drive, drink, and be tried as an adult. All in the same night, even.

What do you study in college?
Art Education, B.S. Yep, I'm gonna be teaching your children someday reeeeal soon


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Everything is just so beautiful. <3 And your ideas and stories and all of your universe characters are so creative and I love them. Keep up the fantastic work! I will come back to view more of your gallery later!
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Heya Lop. I'd love to see more CLEO stuff! I've only just now started looking at Steven Universe, but your stuff I found first and to be honest, I think I enjoy it more than your MLP art. I know you hate people going 'DRAW THIS DRAW THIS WHY ARN'T YOU DRAWING THIS', but I did feel like saying that the Gem stuff is missed and I do look forward to seeing it again whenever it slides back around on your inspirational work plate.
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