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Thinking of holding a pandoraverse art contest soon! Any ideas for what the contest should be about? (Shipping, chracter designs, dramatic scenes-to suggest a few ideas) 

911 deviants said Suggest Away!



Voice Actor Meme: Pandoraverse
was bored at home, found this neat voice actor meme template: Voice Actor Meme Template

ya'll ask me all the time what my dumb nextgens sound like, well here's some of em
if you don't see certain characters it's because either 1.) i don't yet know what they sound like, or 2.) i was too lazy to look up pictures for them. May do a part two, we'll see

characters and their sources
Pandora: Rachel Mcfarlane as Eris, of Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
Cupcake: Danielle Judovits as Big Patty, from Hey Arnold!
Rosemary: Jennifer Tilly as Grace the Cow, from Disney's Home on the Range
Chakra Blossom: Laurence Fishburne as Thrax, from Osmosis Jones
Jam Sandwich: Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn, from Batman the Animated Series
PB Sandwich: Jack McBrayer as Wander, from Wander over Yonder
Artemis: Dan Mitz as Tina Belcher, from Bob's Burgers
Skyla: Holly Hunter as Elastigirl, from Pixar's The Incredibles
Magic Touch
"Ah, yes, here we go, my dear, a nice custom draconequus back massage-you've earned it! Can't you feel your perplexing purple pony problems melting away? By chaos, you're carrying a criminal amount of tension in your shoulders-but no worries, the old Master of Chaos has a magic touch. Wouldn't you agree, Twilight?"

No answer came from the alicorn.

"Twilight?" Discord's ears pricked, concerned. ".....Are you alright?"

Twilight's body had gone completely slack, like a ragdoll. Her eyes were wide, her tongue was poking out, and she looked to have been brought into a state of pure bliss that even the magic of friendship couldn't hope to match.

"Twilight? Hello?" Discord paused, reaching out to her with his paw-but startled when she suddenly locked those blissed out eyes onto him.

"Don't stop."

got a lot of requests to see the good old otp
should go without saying but if twicord ain't your cup of tea, that's cool, just don't complain about it here

discord isn't sure if he finds this situation adorable or unsettling

one of Twilight's favorite things about Discord is that he has hands (well, a paw and a set of talons), and can give her back rubs and ear scritchies whenever she wants

Discord likes to knead his paw/talon thingy on her back, like a housecat, and he considers it a great victory if Twi relaxes enough under these petting sessions to fall asleep and maybe not stay up studying all night. Then they make a warm cuddly noodle/pony pile for napping (Discord has taught Twi extensively on the art of napping)
Crush Continued

Twilight called, and a familiar golden stallion glanced up. Twilight hadn't expected to catch a friendly face this far out on the outskirts of the Crystal Empire. Of course, she and Flash Sentry had perhaps been more than friends...some time ago, she'd timidly allowed Cadence to set her up on a few dates with with her then-crush. And Flash had been a perfect gentlecolt, and they'd had a decent enough time together, but she'd found that beyond her silly filly crush, the chemistry just hadn't been there. The two had agreed to move on, and years had passed...but still, Twilight leapt at the chance to catch up with an old friend.

Flash, ever the golden boy, dropped into a respectful bow. "Princess Twilight, ma'am." He greeted her with a smile. "Permission to speak freely?"

"Granted." Twilight snickered at little at his formality.

"Been a while, Sparks." Cheerfully, he bumped his hoof against hers. "How've things been back in Ponyville? We got word that Princess Celestia officially knighted your friends a few months ago."

"Yeah, but it was mostly just for ceremony." Twilight mused. "We're certainly not going to be picking up broadswords and battling to save Equestria anytime soon."

"No more than you already do, at least." He winked. Twilight scoffed, but it was playful.

"Well, saving Equestria is fairly simple when it just involves friendship speeches and magic rainbow beams. I've only occasionally needed to kick a monster in the face. I'd prefer to leave the actual violent knight battle and bloodshed stuff to ponies like you." She smiled. "How've you been, Flash?"

"Pretty good, Sparks, pretty good." His voice became a conspiratorial whisper. "....Don't tell anypony, but Sunburst and I have been talking about adopting a foal. Shush. It's a secret."

Twilight beamed brightly. "Oh, that's wonderful! I'm so happy for you both! I mean sure, children are little balls of chaos, but raising them can be so rewarding-"

Quite suddenly, Twilight realized that her own child, who'd been accompanying her, hadn't made so much as a peep since she'd called over Flash. She glanced behind her shoulder, to find that Pandora was curled into a tiny floating ball, her crimson face hidden in her paws.

Flash pricked his ears, curious. "That one yours?"

"...Yes." Twilight paused, concerned. She'd never seen her daughter so quiet and still. "Panny, are you okay?"

Flash approached the tiny draconequus, and flashed his warmest smile. "Hi, little princess."

Pan peered up at the stallion just once, from between her paws-and then she let out a happy, girly giggle, the likes of which Twilight had never heard before. "....H-hi." She turned up to face her mother, little face flushed deep red.

"Mom." She whispered loudly, awestruck, "....He's so pretty."

Flash had heard, and he let out an amused chuckle. Twilight glanced from her daughter to Flash, and back again, wide-eyed. Panny giggled again, and wrung her tail with nervous paws, and Twilight let out a sigh.

Celestia above. Like mother, like daughter.


headcanon: When Pan was little she had a brief  puppy love crush on Flash Sentry. Even from childhood Pan had a thing for military ponies *cough cough* like Cupcake *cough*

btw, discord thought this was hilarious when twilight told him about it

flash is pretty, he's wearing eye shadow bc i headcanon that crystal make-up is popular with crystal empire ponies of all genders

for context, flash is married to sunburst:
Sunshine by Lopoddity

character shown:
NextGen: Pandora by Lopoddity
The Day Guard
companion piece to The Night Watch by Lopoddity

since I showed you Artemis' royal guards, i thought i'd also show you iridescence's

I believe that Queen Chrysalis largely created her existing changeling hive through asexual reproduction. She just lays clutches of eggs that hatch into swarms of cute little grubs. She can magically 'customize' her brood based on how much love she is able to consume beforehand....when she's hungry for love, she can't create more than the basic small black buggy ghangelings we see on the show. But if Chrysalis absorbs a lot of love, she can spawn bigger, stronger, faster changelings....and that is exactly what she does, once she's settled comfortably into Canterlot as Celestia's wedded consort.

These two are a special type of changeling that Chrysalis refers to as the Imperial Guard class. The changeling queen spawned them for the sole purpose of protecting and attending to her daughter, Princess Iridescence, heir to the Sun. Bug Princess by Lopoddity Imperial Guards are much bigger and stronger than the average changeling, and more "regal" in appearance, resembling beautiful jeweled beetles more than the typical black buggy changeling drone. But don't let the pretty exterior fool you, these gals have hidden jaw mandibles that can crush bone, as well has the ability to spit gobs of acid from a remarkable distance. Here we have:

Lotus (pictured in the foreground, white changeling)

A high-ranking changeling, and leader of Iridescence's ladies-in-waiting. Lotus has a kind, motherly personality and has doted over Irie since she was a grub. She claims to have also lost a number of years off her life chasing after the wild, spitfire of a princess, making sure kid Irie didn't do things like try to fly off Canterlot Castle before her wings had finished growing, or making sure Irie didn't eat fifteen pounds of jellybeans while Lotus' back was turned. Lotus is quite a loving, maternal changeling to those she cares about, and flawlessly performs orders given by her princess and Queen, but to the creatures she views as her lessers, she can seem quite snobby and monstrous, barking orders and hurling about her fellow changelings with reckless abandon. She is a complete perfectionist, and you'd better not goof up and accidentally put out the wrong salad fork for the royal dinner table, unless you want Lotus to bodily throw you through a stone wall

(pictured in the background, green changeling)

Named by Princess Celestia herself, and quite proud of it. Ladybug is a guard and servant to Iridescence, albeit a lower ranking one than Lotus. Ladybug is sweet, positive, and perky, in a way that Irie finds refreshing, and in a way that really grates on Lotus' nerves. Ladybug has a beautiful voice and loves to sing, and can sometimes be convinced into allowing Irie to raid the pastries in the castle kitchens. But for as sweet as she is, Ladybug too is a bit snobby (she's proud of her rank and status), and tends to boss around ordinary changelings and castle workers if she feels it's in the best interest of the castle Royals. Ladybug, like Lotus, enjoys adorning herself in fancy jewels and fabrics, indulging in the finer things in life, and absolutely destroying the other royal guards in sparring practice.

to be clear, in the pandoraverse, the events of the season six finale (the changelings are transformed by love) are not canon and don't happen in this timeline. Instead, Queen Chrysalis proposes political marriage to Celestia: Lovebug by Lopoddity She, along with the existing changelings (including Thorax), remain unchanged in physical appearance. From Celestia's love, Chrysalis has spawned her daughter Iridescence, as well as the unique imperial guards.

Tagged by :iconstjarnamenne:


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character. 
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Got tagged to give 8 random facts about my Tirek/Sombra NextGen, Lucifer (Lucy):
Hellspawn by Lopoddity

I don't think I have much spare info on Lucy, but let's give it a try:

-1.) Lord Tirek is gigantic and was nervous about accidentally crushing Lucifer under his hooves when she was a baby, he tends to carry her everywhere, either on his back or in his arms, or sometimes on top of his head. Lucy likes to bolt when he goes to scoop her up, forcing him to give chase while she squeals with giggles and runs and hides. It's become a game

2.) Truffles may have thought she was a good baker when she wasn't because of Lucy's influence. Lucy loves Truffles' baking and will devour everything her friend sets in front of her...including muffin trays, discarded eggshells, and a wooden spoon. Sooo...the fact that Lucy has a strange craving for inedible objects means that some of Truffles' cupcakes tasting like black tar was totally lost on the princess of darkness.*

3.) When Lucy was a teeny baby, she needed to consume magic to grow stronger. She was typically fed by Sombra, who had dark magic to spare. Sombra would sometimes wake up to the little demon foal attempting to "nurse" from his horn, intently nomming on it. Tirek thought Sombra getting baby drool all over his horn and mane was most amusing

4.) Ember, daughter of Rainbow Dash, has had a fascination with Lucy since the day they met. She has FOUR EYES and HORNS and she can BREATH FIRE!! Oh my gosh!!! So rad! The daredevil filly had visions of the two forming a firey duo the likes of Equestria has never seen. Too bad for her, Lucy is not at all interested in fire, stunts, or property damage. They're less the "fire bros" Ember was hoping for and more the "one is dragged kicking and screaming to a meadow so they can catch butterflies" sort of friends. Sigh.*

5.) As best friend to their precious princess of darkness, Tirek and Sombra are actually very fond of little Truffles. True, she's leading their daughter down the path of goodness and rainbows (though Tirek swears her cooking has evil potential), but hey...Lucy is happy and that's all that matters to them. They are fond enough of her to the point where she falls under their official protection....and they are Not Pleased, to say the least, when a heartbroken Lucy tells her dads about her best friend being bullied to the point of tears.

They handle the situation maturely and without raining doom and destruction upon the bully's household. They simply send a blood red letter, written in ink blacker then their souls, sent out promptly at the stroke of midnight tied to the leg of a great black raven...(hey, they may be EX-villians but they still have a flare for the theatrics)

Anyways, the letter politely reminds the parents of said bully that miss Apple Truffles is a beloved playmate to the princess of darkness and the continued unwarranted abuse of aforementioned playmate would be most unwise. Signed lovingly by the king and lords of the underworld, Tirek and Sombra.

Snails and Bloom are a bit bewildered to have pale faced ponies desperately knocking on their door in the middle of the night to have their children apologize to their daughter, but as long as their baby isn't picked on anymore....*

6.) Pandora is Lucy's very favorite foalsitter in the world. Pan enjoys Lucy's company a lot, and tries to be a responsible caretaker, mostly because she's just terrified of what her "Uncle Tirek" will do to her if she lets his precious princess have cookies before dinner. Tirek has threatened to tie Pan's body into a big noodley knot if she dares to let little Lucy stay up past her bedtime.

7.) Lucy loves to garden, but she can't seem to grow any plants that aren't horrifically poisonous and monstrous. Oh, well. Lucy lovingly tends to the demonic, pony-sized venus fly traps and mutant tatzlwurms in her garden...and best of all, she's even gotten her Papa Tirek into gardening too (he loves it but he denies this)

uhhhh shit *racks brain*

ummmm how about i toss ya'll some random notes on other characters and we'll call it a day

*denotes an entry by :iconroboheather:

Bonus notes!

-Back in her chubby, awkward teen days, Rosemary hopefully made dozens of beautiful valentines for her classmates one holiday.....and received not one in return. She tried not to let it show that it bothered her, but it hurt horribly. Stormy, sensing this, bought her a fuckton of chocolates, valentines, and roses, and sent them all to her anonymously. He emptied out his wallet but it was worth it to see his best friend's joyful beam when she found her mailbox crammed with sweet valentines notes later that day. It's one of the few secrets Stormy's never told her

-Ever since Pandora's mysterious illness, Twilight has a deep fear of her baby getting sick again. Even the simple sniffles cause Twilight to go into a mini panic over her daughter and turns her into a hovering, mother hen...even when Pandora is a teenager. She'll huff and puff (sometimes growl) when her mom becomes a bit too overbearing over her well being, but Pandora does mostly humor her....vividly remembering those horrible days filled with misery and sickness, where nothing but her mom's heartbeat and tired voice singing to her brought comfort.

-Smokescreen, the son of Spike and Thorax, is fiercely loyal and devoted to Princess Iridescence. She is one of the few he can actually "speak" to (Smokescreen is mute, but outside of Equestrian sign language, he can communicate by speaking Changeling, a language made up of clicking and chittering with one's insect mandibles). Irie understands him perfectly and they share a close bond. As an adult, Smoke becomes a royal guard for Irie, but she notices his talents for espionage (Smoke can manifest his changeling magic into his dragon scales to turn himself invisible), and recommends he be made into a spy for Equestria, which Smoke excels at. Smoke has a persistent, highly messed up crush on Irie. Yes, he is very aware of their blood relation (she's technically his aunt via their shared relation to Queen Chrysalis), and he has a lot of angst over it as an adult, but he hides it well

aaaaand there. I may not have had a full 8 facts for Lucy, but ya'll got some leftover character facts to tide you over riiiight

I tag: whoever wants to do this i guess

Oh, and belated thanks for all the birthday wishes and giftart everyone! :heart: You all are wonderful~


Lopoddity's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hey, and thanks for visiting. I'm a total art hack with a fondness for drawing girly ponies and giant robots. I'm in a passionate love affair with all things animation, and love cartoons, great movies, puppies, lame puns, bad daytime television, and classic literature.

Current Residence: the dark side of the moon
Favorite style of art: cartoooons
Favourite cartoon character: Helga Pataki



-Are you open for commissions?
Not at the moment, sorry. When commissions are opened, I will make a huge journal announcement. My price guide is here:…

Do you do requests?
I definitely consider suggestions made about what you guys would like me to draw next, but regarding your OCs, fanfic covers...nope. Go commission somebody, ya vultures.

Do you take point commissions?
Nope, can't pay bills and buy pizza with points

Art trades?
Rarely. If I'd like to do a trade, I'll be the one to approach you. Please don't ask me.

What program(s) do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS4, and Paint Tool Sai.

Can I make a base of your artwork?
No. C'mon guys. If I can draw a pony, so can you.

Am I allowed to make fanart/fanfics about your characters?
Sweet buttery jesus yes. And show me when you're done! :) I love love love each and every bit of fan art/fiction I get.

What is Pandoraverse?
Pandoraverse is an alternate future story verse for MLP:Fim I created, in which Twilight and Discord have partnered up and had a child, titular Pandora. It's a world rife with unexpected shippings, strange new characters, and the marvelous magical misadventures of a young lady draconequus trying to find her place in the world, along with her loyal minion Cupcake. Has it's own tumblr here: chaostheoryandcookies.tumblr.c…

How old are you, Lopoddity?
Old enough to drive, drink, and be tried as an adult. All in the same night, even.

What do you study in college?
Art Education, B.S. Yep, I'm gonna be teaching your children someday reeeeal soon


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